Sunday, 28 February 2016

Adaptive Enterprise Value Chain

In my last post, I explained the "AdaptiveThinking" for continuous efficiency (routine changes and continuous improvement) and innovation (growth and transformation). This post further discusses the "Adaptive Enterprise Value Chain” and related integrated capabilities of strategy and operations (StrOps), architecture and operations (ArcOps) and development and operations (DevOps) from The Gill Framework® V.30. 

Figure 1. Adaptive Enterprise Value Chain

The Gill Framework® provides the ADOMS approach for the adaptive enterprise value chain, which is made of following five capabilities:

Adapting (to changes)
Defining (an adaptive capability)
Operating (an adaptive capability )
Managing (an adaptive capability)
Supporting (an adaptive capability)

The adapting capability offer services (e.g. context awareness, enterprise architecture assessment, rationalisation, realisation, and unrealisation) to scan, sense, interpret, analyse, decide and respond to internal and external changes. The outer layer initially identifies the change requirements (initiativesintuition and ideas; analytics and insights) that may initiate 1 or many projects (enterprise projects). These initiatives can be further defined and handled through the inner layer of The Gill Framework®. The inner layer defines, operates, manages and supports the following key integrated agile or adaptive capabilities of the adaptive enterprise value chain to handle the change for adaptation (continuous efficiency and innovation). Additional capabilities can be defined using The Gill Framework® - ADOMS approach, if required.

- Adaptive enterprise requirements management
- Adaptive enterprise strategic management
- Adaptive enterprise architecture management
- Adaptive enterprise project management
- Adaptive enterprise service management

The ADOMS approach helps adapting, defining, operating, managing and supporting the adaptive enterprise value chain of evolving strategy and architecture, and emerging solution development and operations. Operations are where the actual value is realised. Therefore, ADOMS approach focuses on the effective integration and alignment of strategy and operations (StrOps), architecture and operations (ArcOps) and development and operations (DevOps). These integrated adaptive enterprise value chain capabilities execute initiative(s) through adaptive value streams of initiate-journey-close feedback loops for continuous efficiency and innovation


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